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Exceptional Profile of Courage: The United Nations vs American Liberty

by Al Snow Sr.

A growing number of concerned Americans believe we are relinquishing what our forefathers held so dear. They see that in our effort to cooperate with the UN, we are giving away piece by piece the freedoms to govern our own personal lives. As a U.S. citizen, you need to become aware of the gradual transfer of U.S. decision-making power military, environmental, economic, labor, arms control, and taxing to the United Nations.

Much good has been accomplished by the UN in its 56 year history. What we wish to address in this book is how the UN is establishing itself as a world government and with decisions that are slowly but steadily eroding the individual freedoms guaranteed every U.S. citizen in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We owe it to our ancestors and the Founding Fathers to educate ourselves and form our own opinion.

The question every thinking American needs to ask How is our alliance with the United Nations changing our U.S. Constitution? How will it affect the United States in the years to come. And each individual American. The U.S. has one vote among 191 nations. One.

Americans unknowingly ask But, doesn't the UN just deal with international issues.

Does it become a local issue if the United Nations can take your right to private ownership of property, tell you how many children you can have, mandate what you can teach your children, tell you where you can live and not live, tax you with a global tax, take your gun or guns?

World Peace is something we all want. Ending world hunger is a worthy goal. So is helping under-developed countries find success. The question is How should we go about pursuing all this?

As a major world power, the United States can establish individual Treaties with other countries and continue to interact in the ways it chooses so that individual American rights are preserved.

If you have been unaware of all that has transpired with the UN, you can remedy this by reading and pondering the material in the book, which includes legal document excerpts (now public domain).

You will learn how the U.S. began with the Articles of Confederation, which then led to the writing of the Constitution and why. You'll learn how the United Nations came to be and why.

We explain why and in what ways their actions could soon be affecting you and your neighbor.

Interesting, Informative, and Provocative Reading. Indexed.