Micheal New - Mercenary...or American Soldier
                              By Daniel D. New, with Cliff Kincaid

The family perspective on what happened when Michael New refused to wear an unauthorized United Nations uniform, and what it means for America, if our soldiers can be forced to serve under the United Nations against their will.

True story of an American soldier who was court-martialed for refusing to: wear the United Nations blue beret, to deploy on an illegal deployment; to serve under an illegal chain of command. Army Specialist Michael New is guilty - of loving his country. For that, he became the first American ever tried and convicted of wanting to serve his country in its own uniform! This book addresses as-yet unresolved issues between the USA/UN, and the Executive/Legislative relationship of the US government, according to one Federal District Judge. Must reading for the veteran, for active-duty military personnel, for those considering enlistment.

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